Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yamaha Mio Sporty 2008 Drag Race

2010-02-19 21:37:45 Pujo-owned Yamaha Mio Priharto this Bewok Sabet alias 2 classes FFA skubek podium in a carpet drag skubek night 201 meters at Harapan Indah, Bekasi, a few months ago. "Unfortunately, the hit of the 2nd there is stuck at the rear wheels while the motor is at position 50 meters," said Bewok are expecting their first child.
Note the time through 8.3 seconds. "The formulation of the engine matches that used the basic principle inversely proportional to the duck," explained Speed Adriansyah of mechanics who worked on the ADR.
The earliest looted is to enlarge the capacity of the cylinder. Using a 70 mm diameter piston-owned Yamaha Scopio. Coupled with 73 mm stroke. The total capacity of a 268cc.
Kitchen spur increased valve combined into 34, 5 mm and 29.5 mm exhaust. The mixture of gasoline and air is supplied through Mikuni carburetor 28 PE.
As referred to earlier. Korekan inversely with the duck. Especially the back design. "It's hard to apply duration duck back into skubek. But, do not need hard thinking skubek comparison ratios as in the duck, "said Adri is handsome. Come contek basic principle open-close and force the valve. Skubek stay open without reduction of such gases in the duck every gearshift must rpm down. "Hence, in skubek duration of open-close valve is not large, but high lift. This basic principle is inversely proportional to the duck, "explained the mechanics of two children.
"In the armed duck maximum valve 9.4 mm, while in skubek should be above 10.4 mm," Adri commentator who conceal the degree of open-close valve because he is still the research stage.
The basic principle of open-close valve so the early stages of development. "CVT remains standard. If korekan've met the right engine, CVT research will be developed, "said Adri-based Milling, East Jakarta.

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